Anteby, Michel., (2015). L’École des Patrons : Silence et Morales d’Entreprise à la Business School de Harvard. Paris: Editions Rue d’Ulm. A French translation of Manufacturing Morals (Chicago, 2014)

Bartley, Tim, Sebastian Koos, Hiram Samel, Gustavo Setrini, and Nikolas Summers. 2015. Looking Behind the Label: Global Industries and the Conscientious Consumer. Indiana University Press.

What does it mean when consumers “shop with a conscience” and choose products labeled as fair or sustainable? Does this translate into meaningful changes in global production processes? To what extent are voluntary standards implemented and enforced, and can they really govern global industries? Looking behind the Label presents an informative introduction to global production and ethical consumption, tracing the links between consumers’ choices and the practices of multinational producers and retailers. The authors explore the making of several types of products—wood and paper, food, apparel and footwear, and electronics—to reveal what lies behind voluntary rules and to critique predominant assumptions about ethical consumption as a form of political expression. The book was written with accessibility in mind, and it could be a useful resource for courses on economic sociology, globalization, consumption, or corporate social responsibility.

Eichar, Douglas M. 2015. The Rise and Fall of Corporate Social Responsibility. Transaction Publishers. Corporate social responsibility was one of the most consequential business trends of the twentieth century. Having spent decades burnishing reputations as both great places to work and generous philanthropists, large corporations suddenly abandoned their commitment to their communities and employees during the 1980s and 1990s, indicated by declining job security, health insurance, and corporate giving. This is the first account of the entire history of twentieth-century corporate social responsibility. It provides a valuable perspective from which to revisit the debate concerning the public purpose of large corporations. It also offers new ideas that may transform the public debate about regulating larger corporations.

Members’ articles

Baldassarri, Delia. 2015. “Cooperative Networks: Altruism, Group Solidarity, Reciprocity, and Sanctioning in Ugandan Producer Organizations,” American Journal of Sociology 121(2): 355-395.

Font, Mauricio and David Jancsics. 2015. “From Planning to Market: A Framework for Cuba”. Bulletin of Latin American Research, link to online abstract abstract

Gautney, Heather and Chris Rhomberg. 2015. “The Runaway Production Complex? The Film Industry as a Driver of Urban Economic Revitalization in the United States,” City and Community, 14(3): 262-285.

Reyes, Victoria. 2015. “Global Borderlands: A Case Study of Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines” Theory and Society 44(4):355-384.

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Wallimann, Isidor. 2015. “Urban Agriculture as Embedded in the Social and Solidarity Economy Basel.” Pp.. 79-87, in Food Utopias , Paul V. Stock, Michael Carolan, Christopher Rosin, eds. New York: Routledge.


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